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Desparate for help

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  • Posted By: anxious Annie
  • July 2, 2008
  • 02:02 PM

I have posted before and have received help from several of you. Thanks again.

At this time I am in an almost panic attack. I have had to have medical tests and my mind is going crazy. I just know that there will be something serious found. How can I overcome this fear?? It is destroying my life. I know that I am no different than anyone else and that I am not protected from serious illness. Why can't I accept this?? I feel like I just want to go to sleep and not wake up. Would someone please give me some comfort.

Thanks so much.

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  • Hi there, hopefully i can help u with this, having gone through this & actually got to grips with it but it took me a number of years to work it out, it works for me & now i refuse to let anything make me anxious anymore.....i'll try & keep it as simple as i can....without giving u my life story. The most important thing u need to do is say "90% of things we worry about Don't Happen" u need to say this out loud & keep repeating it....u need to lodge this in the sub-conscious part of ur brain. Why u need to say it out loud is because u are then hearing it & it is being stored in ur sub-conscious as a fact not as an emotion. Emotions are feelings that can throw all kinds of stuff at ya, but ur sub-conscious & memories are like stored data, things that u have seen,heard or learnt, it is in a different part of the brain from emotions. I dont think im explaining this very well....its quite a while ago since i looked into this all & i cant remember what part of the brain is which, but anyway i hope u understand what im trying to say. U need to retrain ur thought pattern & deal with facts not fears, so when the fears start to grip u, say to urself "No, i refuse to worry about this, yes bad things may happen but equally they may Not !" Many many of us jump to worse case senario & torture ourselves needlessly, imagining the worst only to find that it turns out to be something simple and easily treated.......so now the way i look at it (okay lets wait & see what results says, if there is a problem, then look at the options)......please remember there are always options ! Emotions can cripple people but u can switch them off & look at things as hard facts, if its a medical problem deal with the symptoms, causes, tests, treatments & where u want to be in a years time, set a goal & aim for it. If its a situation that is not in ur control, u can say to urself "Okay, i can not change this situation & i accept that it is out of my control but I CAN Control how i deal with it". work on facts all the time not emotions, its all about taking control & if u are in control u are not a victim this will then impower u & u will grow stronger & less anxious. At anytime u are struggling with negative thoughts destract urself in some way to stop ur thought pattern.....what i done was count in my head, keep doing this & if u loose count start over again, u cant count & think at the same time. Remember to say things out loud & get them lodged in ur brain, it will get easier in time. Hope this helps u, it worked for me & if i beat it u can. Best wishes:)
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  • Thank you so very much tootsie !!!.. .. You just don't know.. how badly.. i needed this.. I haven't been to work since last Thursday.. Under so much stress and strain.. causing problems in my feet, hands, and just feeling fatigued.. and not wanting to go to work... I believe.. I need to honestly have a sit down with my manager.. and let him... because otherwise.. How I am feeling is going to cause problems for my health.. I was once told .. if you don't deal with reality ... reality will deal with you.I am going to try your affirmations !Thank you for posting them...Best regards !Marsha
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    • October 21, 2008
    • 03:23 PM
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  • With the help of my doctor I have been trying to ween myself off of the Xanax. Bad idea, I did ok for about a month, had cut my dosage in half, then the attacks started again. You don't know how helpless this makes you feel.. On my own I have started taking the Xanax again. I know now that only God can heal you of this terrible affliction. I hope that when I see my doctor again that she understands. Has anyone out there ever been able to get off of this medication. I have taken it now for about 10 years.:confused:
    anxious Annie 59 Replies
    • November 14, 2008
    • 02:19 PM
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