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Anxiety/Stress/Depression & High Blood Pressure

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  • Posted By: RlCHlE
  • September 21, 2010
  • 07:28 PM

I'm a 24yr old male...typical college student..i took a few years off initially, but eventually got back into the swing of things...I entered into a relationship in 2004 that was a mess sorta...lOl...sigh...I am still in the relationship but i digress; I had what I now know to be my first panic/anxiety attack in 2005. I was stressed about family..relationship, friends..you name it, it stressed me, but I didn't know it at the time...stress/anxiety/depression continued to build over the years with many more panic attacks..small but enough to catch my attention...I believed it was something wrong with my heart at the time, but i was too nervous & scared to find out...which brings me to February 2010. I began drinking maybe 3 nights a week..nothing major, but this was my first time drinking in my life...no problems from it..just 2 or 3 hangovers that I can recall that were vicious...in May 2010 I had the absolute worst panic/anxiety attack to date at that point...it sent me to the ER of course with the pain in the chest...tingling in the left arm...pounding heart...palpitations...yada yada you know the drill...I thought my life was over...well the doctor there did the complete work up that's typical for an ER....EKG...Chest X-Rays...everything was normal...and blood work...on June 30, I had what has been my worst panic attack to date...my blood pressure has been high since the May Panic Attack...2 blood pressure medications...nothing will get it under control...granted it's not extreme but it is high...my PCP of 19yrs says the blood pressure is due to long term stress/anxiety and what has led to depression...a doctor a few months ago at the ER told me I was killing myself and that my kidney's would fail before I was 35yrs old...needless today I am furious with that doctor for scaring the **** out of me...pardon the language...my PCP told me that is not true & that my blood pressure was not greatly dangerous, but should get under control...i have become obsessed with my health now...no doctor has been able to convince me that I am not going to die in the next few days/weeks/months ect....my PCP wanted to prove me wrong...he did complete heart workup...3 echocardiograms, countless EKGS...head CT's, Chest CT's, checked thyroids, checked every organ in my body, took so much blood from my body, I thought I would need a donation from the Red Cross...everything came back normal...it was said that at 24 my stress & anxiety levels are beyond where they should be...my PCP says he believes my anxiety is chronic & depression is severe.....I have been seeing a psychologist for 3 weeks...and will start with a psychiatrist on Oct. 4. I have absolutely no other medical issues other than this high blood pressure....stress/anxiety/depression...i workout regularly. I eat a low sodium diet, don't drink, smoke, use drugs....I just want to hear from ppl that have been in my shoes...and hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel...I need to end this relationship and get my life under control...i just don't know where to start...sorry for the long Post.

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