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anxiety or what?

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  • Posted By: sean_777
  • February 20, 2009
  • 09:25 PM

Hi im a 21 year old male and ive been experiencing the following on a daily basis:

paresthesia "pins and needles"
chest tightness
shortness of breath
loss of concentration
heart palpatations
frequent sleep disturbances "i wake up 2-3 times a night"
constant state of worry
Brief history:I just started feeling these symptoms 2 months ago and am very confused. I went to the ER about a month ago and told them what i was experiencing and they did an ekg, xrays etc... Anyways they told me i was fine and diagnosed it as a panic attack. I also recently quit smoking marijuana which the doctor told me could have been a factor in my panic attack but i still have trouble convincing myself im ok. I dont no whats going on im just really scared. Im scheduled to see another doctor next friday hopefully he/she can clear things up...:confused:

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  • Thanks for the input :D, I have a few questions though:How am i supposed to know for certain if this is EHS? Can I see a specialist or do i have to cope? How do you live your daily life with this disorder? Will there ever be a "cure", or do we have to adapt?:( I would appreciate any other feedback:) Im scared and beginning to think im outta options
    sean_777 1 Replies
    • February 23, 2009
    • 11:47 PM
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  • Several viruses can cause your symptoms. For more info, Google "CHRONIC SORE THROAT / MOOD VIRUS"OR click here: http://chronicsorethroat.wordpress.comI had exactly the same symptoms myself - and a few more also - after catching a respiratory virus.I hope this helps.
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  • Sean, I highly advise you to ignore Blaze's spam. She writes that same exact thing on almost every post, each time claiming to identify with whatever symptoms the original poster is worried about. It might actually be a disorder, but it's not common if it is and not likely to be your problem. Yes, all of your symptoms fit with anxiety. This is something you can learn to gain control of. It can get better, but you have to do the work. Google 'anxiety therapy'-- the best techniques are CBT based, which you can do by yourself or with a therapists. Beware the medication for anxiety....any long-term use of these meds can actually produce MORE anxiety than you began with. I've tried many, many meds for this but none helped for any significant length of time and most made it worse. A pill is not the answer for this. What did help me was CBT approaches. You can gain control over your own mind, therefor eliminating the physical symptoms. That said, it can't hurt to get some blood work done. Thyroid dysfunction along with other issues can cause anxiety and be found in your blood work. It may help you feel better to rule this stuff out. Best to you, you can do this!
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  • First advice I will give you is to ingnore Blaze. I have had anxiety attacks for years. They are pure H----. The symptoms that you listed are all signs of anxiety. Anxiety will make you sick in all areas of your body. See a good doctor, take the meds if offered. It is almost impossible to get over this by yourself. I have given up ever being free of worry and fear.
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  • Nice post! Very well said,Anxiety is a natural human reaction that involves mind and body. It serves an important basic survival function: Anxiety is an alarm system that is activated whenever a person perceives danger or threat.When the body and mind react to danger or threat, a person feels physical sensations of anxiety things like a faster heartbeat and breathing, tense muscles, sweaty palms, a queasy stomach, and trembling hands or legs.
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  • I just posted something extremely similar like 2 minutes ago. I too just started feeling all the things you feel after smoking marijuana a few days ago. If you could find my post please read it, i'd enjoy the response
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