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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 7, 2010
  • 03:49 PM

Greetings, I have been having alot of problematic symptons lately and I was hoping for a reply as to what the cause is, I am fairly sure its Anxiety but I would feel reassured with a more educated opinion than my own, I am 17 years old.

Symptoms I have been experiencing:

- I feel like I'm having a heart attack whenever I try to concentrate/relax, Its hard to explain but I am always aware of my heart beating and whenever I am not doing anything I feel uneasy and experience a cool sensation in my chest.
When I try to sleep I find it extremely difficult as my heart beats intensely and I have this feeling my heart is going to stop.
I had a rather lucid dream last night where my heart was racing so quickly I actually felt myself dieing, it was terrifying
It is unnerving whenever I edxperience this, I wish I could explain the sensation in a better way but I cant think of words to describe it
Sometimes I have panic attacks also, usually to do with trying to fall asleep or relaxing/concentrating/sitting down as I think I'm having a heart attack after reading the symptoms

- Shortness of breath and chest tightness

-Mild chest pain, nothing serious more of an irritant than pain

-Tingling in my lower legs and arms

-aches in my wrist around my vein area, like a slight numbness

-Light headedness

- Urinating more than usual, usually whenever I feel uneasy I have the urge to urinate

-Unable to fall asleep properly unless very exhausted

After reading about the symptoms of anxiety, I was fairly sure this is what I'm suffering but I can't be sure of this.

I have exams next week and throughout the month, I have only been suffering with this recently (last week or so) so I assumed the stress of revising and worrying about if I will get my required university grades was manifesting itself as generalized anxiety.

Also, if I am occupied with something like exercise or work I dont think about the symptoms and I feel fine, it only appears whenever I realise its happening, if that makes any sense, usually during boredom/trying to fall asleep etc

I want to be sure though, I would hate to think I have a more serious underlying condition

I am looking for some reassurance from a professional or someone who has experienced/is experiencing the same thing I am currently

Thank you for any replies Smile

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