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Anxiety and vision?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 16, 2007
  • 03:05 AM

When you feel an anxiety attack coming on, does it ever feel like your vision's messed up and like you're going to black out? A few times when I was at a concert, the areas around my eyes felt funny. They never actually blacked out, but it would suck to be at a crowded place and end up feeling your way around, you know? When I had my first one, I ended up shaking on the floor rubbing ice around my eyes because I kept thinking I was dehydrated or something and that my eyes were going to black out, because that's what happened on a different occasion when I actually was dehydrated, haha.

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  • Hie, i am also considering whether my condition is due to anxiety. I hav had these sort of weird vision all the time since a couple of months back. It feels like when i am looking at things, i have these tensed feeling at my head (mostly at the front portion of my head and around the eyes). Also, when i really try to focus on something, like in a movie, any background image on the screen seem to be scrolling fast and that makes it hard for me to focus. I also have the feeling that when i am focussing, i would loose the focus (sometimes i do) and have to blink to refocus again. No blurred vision though. Just feels the eyes are heavy and tired even after getting up from sleep. Have done a CT scan back in January and all came back clear. Went to check my eyesights and my power have increase slightly, and am trying to wear my specs for most of the time. Seems like if i dont wear them, the tensed feeling seems to be even more. Does this seem like stress/anxiety induced symptoms? I worry all the time that there is something wrong with me :(
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  • Did your doctor prescribe you any sort of medication for the anxiety? I have trouble breathing-to the point of it actually hurting-and I told her this but she said that it was anxiety and thus she prescribed me ativan(lorazepam), with the dosage at 0.5mg. After taking these problems, that's when the party started: blurred vision-I couldn't focus on anything, weird sensations all over my head, pressure over my eyes and forehead. My breathing problem has gotten worse, and my doctor hasn't even suggested that I at least see a pulmonologist(correct spelling?) I have been to the ER four times thinking I was going to surely suffocate and of course nothing was found. I had a CT done for my brain and a "chest x-ray" and they came back normal. As I'm typing this now, the pain is shooting down around my rib cage..I don't know this whole ordeal is beyond frustrating at this point. Well sorry for hijacking the thread..thanks for taking the time to read my post.
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  • I had panic attacks for a long time and like you I thought something very wrong was happening but in fact it was only nervous..... I found a website which is www.charleslinden.com, Charles Linden is a guy who put in place a program to get rid off Panic attacks and any anxious related disorders, himself had panic attacks for 20 years and recovered from them when he understood that we create our anxiety, I would suggest to go and have a look at his website.... I actually bougth his program last yar because life was too much and to be honest I thought that his material was too good to be true, but that i didnt have anything to loose in buying his program which I did, and it WORKS, believe me....... I have recovered from panick attacks.....and they were very severe....I thought most of the time that i was going to die.....Good luck and try it, you will feel so uch better......
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  • I recently had an anxiety attack, it was my first one ever. My heart felt like it was coming out of my chest it was pounding so hard and my chest felt like it was caving it almost. It really scared me and ever since it's happned my vision is funny and I don't know what to do about it or even how to describe it. Like I can see clearly and everything but it's almost as if it feels like a dream. What should I do? Or will it go away soon? I need advice please..
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  • Hi Guys, I have been reading these comments and felt the need to say that I have been going through this on and off for 10 yrs. 5 yrs ago I made myself belive that this was in 'no way' panic attacks and paid a considerable amount of money to go to a private Doctors clinic to be told it was stress, depression and anxiety symptons. I felt sooo physically ill, I couldnt go to a supermarket, I felt like I couldnt see (but i could) if you understand that - I was awful - It got slightly better for a while but now it is back in full swing. I have the funny vision symptons, headaches, tight muscles in my neck, tingly hands and its awful!! I am currrently waiting for a CT scan so I will let you know how I get off!!
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