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Was thinking hemeroid, but now, not sure. Opinions?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 19, 2007
  • 04:08 PM

Hi all,

I am male, 38, good general health, excercise 90 minutes a week on a cross trainer and walk 20 minutes a day back and forth to work. Moderate drinker (red wine primarily, maybe 15-20 units a week), non smoker. I eat fairly healthy - fresh food, salmon, veg, 1 red meat serving a week.

About a month and a half ago I noticed a tingling/burning sensation in my rectum (to the best of my ability to place it). Tried some Preparation H as a self med solution to no avail so went to the doctor who gave me a cream with applicator. That lasted 1 week. Can't say as it solved the problem.

I was also noticing a slight tendency to feel as though not fully evacuated even after a bowel movement. A couple times I noticed, when in bed, an involuntary feeling of passing a very small stool - although there was none to pass.

Another couple weeks passed of just general almost like pimple like pain in the rectum in one spot and then things flared up again. So I went back in, this time I got more of the same cream (for just outside the anus) as well as a 20 pack of suppositories.

I am now through about 15 of the suppositories and I don't think this is doing anything.

The pain for the past two nights has concentrated in the evening moreso as pressure up by my tailbone on my lefthand side. It almost feels like a lump of stool that theoretically you would want to evacuate but not quite - a bit hard to describe.

It definitely though makes for a pressure on the lower left hand side of the tailbone. Having a suppository in as well surely isn't helping with isolating sensations either but I definitely don't shove it in as far as my tailbone.
Laying on my back or with a pillow to elevate my feet isn't really the answer. Fortunately I normally sleep on my side or stomach but I always start on my back which is why I notice. During the day I notice it but much less so - probably as I can shift my weight. I have tried massaging the area to no avail.

I have noticed as well my bowel movements are less timely - I used to be a 9am coffee, a 10am bowel movement during the week. Now it can be anywhere from 11am to after lunch to one day not until pre bedtime. The stool I find is a touch narrower as well. This is only as of the past couple months.

There is no blood in the stool or any on the toilet paper.

There is no history of colon or rectal cancer in my family although my father did have elastic band ligation to remove some (or one, not sure) hemeroids back in 1999 with no symptoms since. I had a single hemeroid once back in highschool which was outside the anus about the size of a pea which went away.

I have hit my tailbone a couple times in the past 4 years that resulted in a lot of pain (fell off a bike and landed on it and a rock, sat into a bus seat and landed directly on the seatbelt holder which was not a moving variety). I mention this only to bring up a possible correlation to discs moving in lower spine although this seams a reach as the second incident was over 2 years ago).

This leaves, from these boards and research...

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Sounds a bit of a stretch to me but maybe - that sounds like more of a muscle issue, this tailbone pressure doesn't feel like a muscle going haywire.

Prostatodynia - yes, I have stress and am a type A personality but not really that much more stress than say a year ago. I also don't feel pain in my scrotum at all so this one seems out.

Prostatitis - Well I don't have a urinary tract infection as urination is no problem (I did have one about 4 months ago which was successfully treated with antibiotics).

Irritable Bowel Symptom - well I have always wondered about this one as I normally have had a fairly gassy system (first thing in the morning particularly). That said, I don't have stomach pain or bowel pain so this seems a stretch to me.

Rectal absyss - hmmm, well if it is this, it must be getting big as the pressure area feels about a grape in size at the moment.

Cyrptititis - well, a lodged stool seems a very unusual and unlikely candidate but I will mention it. Would explain the feeling of stool, pressure, lack of bleeding I suspose. I have upped my fibre intake in the past few days regardless as well as fluid intake (no, not red wine unfortunately he he).

Proctititis - well, unlikely as there is no bloody diahrea so pretty sure I am in the clear on this one.

I will obviously be heading in once I get a chance for a colonoscopy (the doctor mentioned a scope if the suppositories were not successful so I assume this is what he meant).

That said, any other guesses?



edit...to top it off, I just got a cold from the people at the office, making for a swollen lymph gland on my left side of my neck as well making swallowing painful and some aches and chills, just what I need to top things off!

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  • It could be an abscess. They can drain & then fill up again. I had this same problem for months. I felt such intense tailbone pain. After surgically being lanced & drained & 3 rounds of antobiotics the Drs told me they almost always reappear if not taken care of surgically. It is a relatively quick recovery with several sitz baths a day during recovery. You will certainly feel SO much better.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 23, 2007
    • 04:18 AM
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  • Hmmm, well the coming and going element would make sense with something filling up, draining and refilling. I thought I was getting better a few times now but inevitably something always feels 'odd' after a couple good days. Currently the 'odd' feeling is back whereas I had two or three no problem days earlier this week. I will mention this one to the doctor. Short of the scope, not much else to try now. The doctor gave me a fancy version of vasoline (blended with a muscle relaxant as he said there was the appearance of a small fissure). The catch is, this 'odd' feeling is higher up in the rectum than where this treatment even goes (he canceled the suppositories thankfully as they were, uh, a pain in the butt :) ). Gotta at least try to have a sense of humour. The good thing would be if it was 'just' an abscess, it sounds very treatable. The only thing I am worried about is that they can be a sign of cancer. That said there is no family history of that so hopefully that isn't the underlying cause.
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    • December 8, 2007
    • 02:44 PM
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  • Hey,had similar symptoms a few years ago and currently still, but have many more now. I will tell you, although hemrd is possible, even with hemroid, it can also be your actual intestine. Pushing out, as they tell you to do with hemrods will make the actual intestine come out,, problem is if you are in shape, healty. age inappropriate(I am 25) for this type of issue which usually results fromsphincter muscle issue in my case.. not cause, then getting help and finding cause difficult- IBS could technically cause enough swelling to cause muscles to prolapse or protrude out simply for lack of space- as with other intestinal and autoimmune probs that cause inflammation. Straing or excessive-high impact exercise also possible. Growths somwhere in area either pushing against or out also... I eventually had to have a resection, which helped but not cured- and because not visible and age issue- they took so long that i had to have immediate surgery and reason still a mystery.* I am looking at a few options, dending on what tests say, but from what I have found some of the following can have similar implications...... HPV can cause gastro and anal, issues... it is often not visible or obvious but can lead to irritation causing infection, or even cancer and or growth...... autoimmune and genetic auto diseases can affect area in strange ways.. even things like anklosing spondalytis can have immplications.. usually have the gene, but there are cases where gene was not present or present at the time.. also body mounts immune response as in crohns and other intestinal auto diseases and may attack itself or recognize itself as foreign invader,,,.... also some meds can cause issues and bleeding,,, even if bleeding is not present- or visible,, doesnt mean it is is not there.. u need a hematocult test.* Remeber to watch temperature, eat fiber... try fiber one cereal..the grainy one for several days, drink fluids and watch for symptoms.... may be nothing and if these work you r probably fine, but if not.... watch and research and remeber slightest details because you may be able to change the outcome.
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    • January 30, 2008
    • 03:51 PM
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  • Interesting read, quincidently I am also 25 and have had pain on the right side of my tailbone for almost a year. One doctor said that I was sitting to much or something, said there was some condition associated long ago with people sitting at knitting spindles. Also, about that same time I had pain/pressure in the right side of my neck and head and was eventually diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia, with no know cause. Might be a correlation there. To describe briefly what I’ve been going through, the pain has gotten worse in the last couple of weeks. It started very small at first, sometimes accruing after or during intercourse and seemed to be around my whole anus. The pain then became more noticeable and stayed on the right side. I too seemed to be able to feel it when I touched my tailbone. I then started experiencing the pain during bowel movements several months back. My sex life/drive has totally changed and I think this might be part of the problem.Anyway, the above is very interesting. Glad to see that others suffer from this. Read some other forums a while back with no help, just listed chronic pain and no/little solutions. Several people on there even had their tailbones removed… and a few of those still had pain afterwards!!! Will keep posts if anything develops.Thanks!
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