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sudden onset of severe flatulance

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 21, 2006
  • 11:30 PM

Hello, have anyone out there had the experience of suddenly after every meal I have this incredable bout of flatulance that is so stinky it clears the room! Normally I do not have alot of gas and don't have stomache issues or constipation . I am so bewildered by this ( and so is my whole family, Ha, Ha) anyway, if anyone has any idea what is causing this, it would be a great help . Thanks,

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  • is it gas or though the pores?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 22, 2006
    • 01:07 AM
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  • YES! The first time this happened for a couple of weeks and I finally figured out it was the rich chocolate ice cream (I am not kidding-I would eat it, then, yikes! I would stop and nothing) but now it has come back and I am trying to figure out something that I eat that may be causing it. I eat a lot of flax but have never heard of this causing the "room-clearing" kind of stink I am suffering from. HELP!
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  • A Wash U - STL doctor told me allergies may develop at any time and food sensitivities often develop as other changes to your diet, activity level, enviorment, and your aging body occur. Further, stress, temperature, seasons, and hormonal fluxations can all cause a variation in the severity of your symptom(s).*My mom and brother developed oily flakes of skin across the cheeks and nose. My brother's doctor told him to cut out milk. He and my mom both did and it went away. I was having variable, but frequent and increasing, bowel symptoms. I discovered that I can enjoy milk products, but just not too much in one day and the less rich the better.*I also discovered that high-fat foods, too much meat (rotting in my gut), whipped foods (which add extra air), major change of diet (even a small steak, if I haven't had any for a long time), and some artificially low-fat/low-sugar foods (a particular ingredient causes diarhea in some people; there's a warning on most labels) can also create or increase the unpleasantness. Oddly, but just as troublesome, extra air in my system results in long bouts of "hiccurps" (uncontrollable hiccups that result in a burp on every exhale), usually after rising.**The following things helped me: keeping a detailed food log, maintaining regularity in my diet, reading labels, keeping some "Beano" and "Lactaid" on hand, excusing myself to a different room or outside at anticipated times, making myself take more frequent and scheduled toilet breaks, eating more slowly, respecting my limits when I have cravings, altering some recipes (You can often use water instead of milk and applesauce in place of oil), a smal supply of sublingual hyosciamine (perscription for cramping)
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