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Spinchterotomy (l.i.s.)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 18, 2010
  • 08:22 PM

Chronic fissure story (hope this can help someone get their life back)- The first time I had pain in that area, 5 years ago, was really bad 9 out of 10 pain and I thought I had a internal hemmeroid. The pain was very intense for 2-3 days and subsided into a somewhat tolerable sting/burn for another month or two. No real problems for about one year. Slowly I got to where it hurt to stand up for very long (like 30 seconds) and seemed to get better for a while and then worse for a while over the next 3 years. I just thought it was a hemmeroid and I must have eaten something that bothered it. Day or night it would be enough pain (when it was bad, maybe half of the time) to make me go sit in the car while my girlfreind finished grocery shopping. Then about 8 months ago I had another attack, far more acute and searing pain than I had before, really bad in bed for a week pain. This time I had the fissure (unknowingly) and an external hemmeroid for sure (like the size of a big grape). Within 5-6 days sitz baths had reduced the hemmeroid down and I could do things again. I should have gone to the docter back then and saved myself months of severe pain. The pain dropped to a livable level again (by this point I had forgotten what good or normal feels like) Then right after christmas another attack, probably from large portions of meat, cheese, coffee, candy, all the tasty holiday foods. This time the pain was off the charts, I could barely breath, I have nothing worse to compare the pain to but I thought I would have blacked out before pain was that severe. Finally went the Docter 2 months ago, he told me I have a cronic posterior fissure and that spasms from the pain have prevented it from healing. He told me surgery is my best bet and offered it that day. I was really nervous about the surgery and on that visit the digital rectal exam really hurt, the surgery was to be done with me awake and local anesthetic, I was really nervous. I decided to go home and think about it. A friend of mine is a gastro nurse with many years exp. and said get the surgery because the odds are really bad of healing on your own once the spasms have taken hold. She also said I was now way to skinny, I went from 185lbs. to less than 160 from christmas to early march. A week later I had the surgery, Wide Awake, yes the first shots hurt but not worse than the fissure itself. Once the locals started to work it was a relief just to be numb, a real relief. 10 mins later I was walking out to my car with my girlfreind. Got the vicaden they prescribed for pain and took it the first two days, it made me constipated and I was really worried about the first B.M. but to my surprise it was not bad. 4 days after surgery I was up and about. 5 days after surgery I went for a ride on my motorcycle! 7 days after surgery I started working out again with free weights. Basically 1 week after surgery I was normal again. It occured to me that many, many people have the surgery and 99% are healed long term, so those people aren't writing their stories on fissure sites because they too busy living their lives again. The risk versus results ratio of this surgery is about as good as it gets. I really hope this can help atleast one person in the pain that I was in for so long. BOTTOM LINE: MAKE SURE YOU GO TO THE DOCTER FOR PAIN/BLEEDING. DON'T BE STUPID LIKE ME AND WAIT FOREVER BECAUSE YOU ARE EMBARRISED OR ASHAMED, THE SOONER YOU GET A CORRECT DIAGNOSIS FROM A PROFESSIONAL THE SOONER YOU CAN TAKE THE RIGHT STEPS TOWARDS GETTING BETTER. MAYBE I WOULDN'T HAVE NEEDED SURGERY IF I HAD GONE TO THE DOCTER EARLIER, NATURAL CURES MIGHT HAVE WORKED BACK THEN!!! final thought: I was an abuser of coffee, now I dont drink it or any other caffiene, and I feel GREAT

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