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Pelvic Pain (Belly Button and Below) / All blood in stool / Clear MRI & colonoscopy

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  • Posted By: PhillipO
  • August 31, 2012
  • 01:21 PM

I am at a loss and the Doctor in Knoxville have not a clue.

The symptoms seem to start Most of the time when I do lifting (light or heavy) but not always. Some times it starts if I work vigorously. I have had a few times it happens for no reason at all. Along with the bleeding I have lower pelvic pain at the belly button and below. On a normal day I have a bowel movement 5 to 8 times a day "with out" any bleeding. This is every normal day for as long as I can remember. If I am nervous about doing something the bowel movements "with out" any bleeding are even more than 10 times a day. My stomach is very bloated and tight to the touch during the bleeding times and I feel very week, tired and sick. Blood is always bright red and more than 2 cops in a days time when it happens. I have gone as much as 30 days with out a problem but as I get older it is getting worse. If I lift something the bleeding starts about 12 to 24 hours after. Lifting does not always start the bleeding but 75% of the time it does.

I did have a colonoscopy and MRI done. The colonoscopy had shown 3 polyps that were removed. Slight hemorrhoids but the doctor said not enough to cause that much bleeding and there were only a few and small. There was 1 small kidney stone and again the doctor said that would not cause the bleeding like I am having. The last thing that was showing was an slight umbilical hernia.

I do see/know my belly button has always been out about 1/8 of an inch. You can feel the hole around the belly button area. When I strain or lift the area around the belly button tightens up. I know that that 1/8 of an inch sticking out is squeezed when I lift or strain. The 1/8 sticking out is about the size of a pointer finger around and normal color. ( I was born with this and it was never fixed)

I am at a loss with finding out why this is happening and getting worse. I am not able to do start any morning out on the run, I have to plan to be up at least 1 hour before leaving the house each day. The doctor here in Knoxville had the test done and was not even calling me back with results. I final had to send a fax asking him to call with the results. The with all the things he told me he said they were not enough to cause the symptoms I have. He then said not much he can do so no further follow up is needed. This was suppose to be a good recommended doctor in the area.

I need help with any thoughts as to what this is !
I guess I have to narrow down what this down so I can help the next doctor I find the problem.

Right now my thoughts are the umbilical hernia could be an issue or maybe some type of hernia.

Thank you in advance for any thought you can offer.

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