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Ominous pain in lower and mid to upper rectum area...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 17, 2007
  • 03:25 PM

Hm, should have posted this as a new thread to start with. I found this site after searching the NHS for any info on rectal problems. So much for the National Health Service! Just wanted to get a few thoughts from anyone who might've had similar issues; quite a few folk sound like they have symptoms i've been experiencing but am becoming increasingly nervous that this is a lot worse than i thought.

In a nutshell, i'm a 33-year-old male, not too healthy at all, now ex-smoker (but was inclined to smoke like a chimney when drinking), drinker (although that's gone out the window too), with an incredibly bad diet, which, over the last six or seven months has been improving but is by no means great. Last year i started having these pretty awful pains in the back passage which left everything feeling very tender, and which soon passed into something quite a bit more ominous, sort of like a nervous, slightly sharper pain further up in the right hand side of the rectum, or perhaps colon. I'm not entirely sure of exactly where it was, but it was definitely colo-rectal. Cutting out coffee (which i used to guzzle daily) seemed to stop that dead in it's tracks, but i have to confess i went back on the wine fairly hard after december. In the last three months i've seen a doctor and a specialist who had a cursory snoop around and told me that 'everything was as best as it could be', that he had noted a couple of small haemorroids, and that upping my dietary fibre, fruit and vegetable intake would help things out. Great, but having taken all of this on board, sticking to soup most days for lunch (with the occasional chocolate!) and hot chocolate in the evenings, this seems to be getting worse.

I can't exercise with work hours, so i have to do this strictly by diet, or alternatively go back to the doc and do some shouting, which i've found tends to have very little effect anyway. I've had the berium procedures in both ends to no avail, although that was some years ago. The pain is now pretty constant, in the lower right and sometimes upper right rectal area. I was really hoping for just internal haemorroids - but i've read now that they are meant to be painless! Can anyone confirm this from experience? The other option i was considering was a fissure, but the specialist said that if i had a fissure, i would've hit the roof the second he laid hands on me. Can fissures occur further back in the rectum, or is it only in the lower rectal area that they occur?

Other than this, i've noticed the pain usually quietens down when i've woken up, until i head to the toilet, usually 9.45 or so, when it starts up again. Bowel movements are definitely setting it off. I drink a bit of water during the day, but not a lot, and spend anything between 8 and 9 hours in the chair five days a week. Coudl this sedentary work be making things worse? One other thing i seem to be getting over the last year is sharp cramps in my legs and feet; my legs are quite chubby in the thigh. Could poor blood flow be adding to all of this? Is exercise possibly my only way out of this situation?

Phew - that's about it, really; i'd love some thoughts or advice from anyone who thinks they've got or had similar symptoms! I don't want to have to go back to the doctor if he's just going to tell me to eat more bran again, but i can't help feeling he might've missed something. Without the real telltale symptoms of a far more serious condition though, i wonder if i'm making a mountain out of a molehill!

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  • Have you any answers yet? I am a female 39 with the same problem. I was told I had a couple of small internal piles and had them injected. I had no pain after that till the injection sort of wore off after a month or so. I was told internal piles dont cause pain too but funny how the injections work and stop the pain. Hope to hear from you. Take care. Maria
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  • I'm very nervous about the injections to be honest, i've heard good and bad things about them on several forums... if i had the choice and it turned out to be internal hemorroids, to be honest i'd go straight for the surgery option... just get rid of the little buggers. However... i went to use the toilet yesterday after four days or so of relative painlessness and was hit by an exceptional stinging pain in the right hand side of the rectum, so now am wondering if this is not perhaps an anal fissure. Tried a self examination but to no avail, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly out of the ordinary. I can't feel anything specifically painful on examination, but now when i'm standing or sitting down it burns quite a bit. Very odd.I'm still worried it might be something more serious, there just doesn't seem to be much point going back to an nhs doctor <:/
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