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do i have a anal fissure?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 25, 2006
  • 04:33 PM

:confused: hello for a few years now i have somtimes had alittle blood in my stool and on my tp now this morning there was alot...like enough to make it all the water look like koolaid and my anus hurt i dunno!?

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  • As a person who has suffered with this condition for many years, I can tell you this: blood from that area of your body is NEVER a good thing! As far as the fissure is concerned, are you having any pain? Typically, you will feel a lump about as hard and unyeilding as a golf ball; they vary in size. Be prepared; you will most likely feel this (and sit accordingly, believe me) some time before your doctor can palpate it. You may detect some other discharge (like pus, as this is an infection, in a way). Either way, DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH THIS!!! Go to a doctor, as these can literally EXPLODE overnight! I don't want to scare you, and I'm sure you'll be fine, but I literally almost DIED last year from a fissure, as it got so big, so fast, that my right butt-cheek became so swollen that I could neither urinate nor move my bowels for almost a week (let alone move...), so great was the pain. I had to have emergency surgery, and when all was said and done, that thing was 3 1/2 inches deep by 2 1/2 inches wide. Surgery has always been required in my case, but I don't know if that is generally so. Please go to a doctor about this; either way, you need to know why you're bleeding. Good luck.Jen
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  • well it was fine tonight and no blood and yea it hurt a good amount just on the anus thou
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  • Always consult you physician... Personal experience as a caregiver I know that hemeroids can bleed causing the toilet water to look very red and they hurt at the anus. You should get a refferal to a proctologist. If it hurts to go to the bathroom try a stool softener to cut down on irritating the hemeroids (if that is what you have).
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    • October 8, 2006
    • 04:24 PM
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  • How were you able to get emergency surgery so quickly? My husband has been in terrible pain and the Dr's have not been very much help. He has had this problem (fissure of the colon) for about 4 months, finally at the end of august we were referred to a specialist; but it took almost 2 months to get in. We finally had surgery scheduled today, but they postponed it a wk, b/c he had a slight congestion! We left the surgery center with my husband in extreme pain, none of the Dr's there would give him anything. We finally had to go to the ER where they gave him some pain meds, that is the only thing that has helped, I just hope he can last until next wk! How long until you were able to return to work after your surgery? Have you had any problems since? Thanks for any info you can provide!
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    • October 18, 2006
    • 02:43 AM
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  • thank you for your postings. my baby has a lump next to his anus after a week of a vomit/diarrhea virus. your "exploding" butt overnight comment has made me decide to take him to the ER right away. i am being totally serious! thanks and i wish you all great butt health in the future. i have only had hte roids after giving birth and boy howdy did that hurt! get some good prep H wipes and take warm baths.
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  • two days ago when i went poo i noticed that i was bleeding. i thought i just started my period but the blood wasn't coming from my vagina it was coming from my anis. Since then everytime i go poo i bleed a lot as if i was on my period. I don't know if i should be concerned or if it's just a stupid little thing that will pass. I need help what should i do?!!
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    • November 18, 2008
    • 07:05 AM
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  • I've had an anal fissure since December of 2005, does that mean I am going to die? On account I've been ppoping 3 to 4 times daily, and every thime I poop, my stomach and intestines feel sick, does that mean my poop is infecting my fiisure? I also got fever like aches. Coulde that be so?
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  • two days ago when i went poo i noticed that i was bleeding. i thought i just started my period but the blood wasn't coming from my vagina it was coming from my anis. Since then everytime i go poo i bleed a lot as if i was on my period. I don't know if i should be concerned or if it's just a stupid little thing that will pass. I need help what should i do?!!Dont mess about like i did for weeks,get yourself straight to the doctor who will prescribe laxitives and hopefully GTN cream or Calcium blocker hydrochloride cream to alleviate the pain.alsotake paracetomol after a bowel movemnt and these 3 things virtually stop the pain,but it is a long slow process.luckily fo me mines nt too deep according to the consultant.i have had mine now for 4 mnths and am sick of it(took 7 weeks to gt hosp appt),bt they wont operarte as say there are risks of incontinence so are asking me to carry on with new cream and laxitives for another 3mnths and in that time hopefully i will be healed and ready to poo normally again without helpof Movicol(laxitive)
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  • Hello Everyone,So sorry for your pain, but regarding the anal fissure: does anybody have pain while sitting down? This is why:I'm a 25/f that had a rich chocolate cake on Sunday May 22 night and believes was the worse decision ever made. The next day after I ate that cake I woke up unable to sit down, the pain was awful yet mild, it started from my colon and to my feelings went all the way to my butt muscles. This happened on a Monday, and my first thought was that I might have colitis (runs in the family) two days went by and it was a Wednesday when I decided to see my Doctor. My appointment was on Friday and the Doctor diagnosed Anal Fissure and prescribed Cyclobenzaprine 5MG tablets to take before sleeping to stand the pain and Hydrocortpramoxine to apply rectally 3 times a day to better the "problem". I let the weekend pass by without applying the cream since I couldn't find it anywhere (not a very common cream I suppose) and finally on Tuesday I picked it up from CVS. I started applying it but by Wednesday my pain was unbearable and I had chills, took my temperature and it was a fever. My boyfriend decided to take me to the ER, when I got there I told the nurse/doctor that I could not bear sitting down, the Doctor inserted his finger and couldn't feel or see anything, not even hemorrhoids, so a CT scan/urine test had to be done. Turned out I had an Anal Abscess and needed surgery immediately to drain the pus for it could get worse. I spent almost all day with IV pain relievers and antibiotics and finally time for surgery came. I guess it didn't last that long but when I got out I felt dizzy (obviously cause of anesthesia), I couldn't feel anything except patches on my **m. I thought it would be over, but then I learned I had a catheter sutured so I could drain the wound to avoid possibly infection. I am currently taking Ibuprofen 400MG amneal pha twice a day, which more people are surprised I am working ok with (since Vicodin could hardened my stool, and we DEFINITELY don't want that) and the most important thing I am taking is Cephalexin 500MG aurobindo 3 times a day as an antibiotic. My boyfriend bought me some MiraLAX just in case. So far I need to do this per the doctor 1-2 weeks. And then the moment of truth, am I ok? will I be ok? did I develop a fistula? I don't know, until then, my development is uncertain. So for all of you who feel pain while sitting down and a possibly lump, I would suggest anal abscess and if you get a fever, ER time :( Now another story is my mom had the exact same thing a couple years ago, she was lucky and only had to go to her Homeopathic Doctor, to give her anal massage with his hands and gave her some homeopathic medicine, which I can't remember the name and the pus came out and she felt much better! God bless her! I hope we all can feel better!!
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