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  • Posted By: AceAttorneySho
  • October 28, 2010
  • 06:07 AM

Hey there, this is totally embarrassing but I just need some reassurance.

On Monday of this week I went to the bathroom and had a rather large, pretty hard/dry BM and noticed blood on the toilet paper when wiping and a decent amount of blood in the toilet water. I freaked out, but calmed down and figured it was just from wiping too hard perhaps. I went again a few hours later to the same result.

The following day I was having the same results- bright red blood on the toilet paper and some in the toilet as well. Though I only noticed it with more solid waste. Softer waste did not seem to have blood along with it. I did some research online and found that my symptoms are well in line with an anal fissure.

Basically I've noticed:

-I have very, very acute pain when going (I feel some pain, but it is not debilitating and far from excruciating like some people feel and it does not continue after I've gone).

-The amount of blood scared me at first, but after the first wipe (or dab as I started doing), the bleeding was all but stopped.

-Also, today, Wednesday, I've had mostly soft stools as I've been drinking a lot of water and tried to eat a lot of fiber- and there was no blood. The only time there was blood was when I went and the stool was somewhat more solid. There was some blood on the stool itself, but none in the toilet water and very little on the wet wipe I was using to clean with. I also tried a sitz bath on Tuesday night, but I don't really have time to do them as I'm a full time student and have to share the bathroom with the other 3 members of my family.

I feel like this problem is acute due to the virtual lack of pain and the fact that it's bleeding far less to not at all after a couple days. I've read that anal fissures are pretty common and usually heal on their own, but I can't seem to find any stories from people outside of, "I've had this for the past 13 years!" or "I've never not had anal fissures that are as painful as childbirth!"

I've read they can occur due to childbirth, anal sex, constipation, diarrhea, or passing an oversized, dry stool so I figure that if people who have experienced this from any of these situations have healed, I should too. Basically I just want to get some form of confirmation that things will heal as I'm a bit of a worrier.

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  • I'm in the same boat, though mine's usually very painful, always some blood on the tissue (for the past month or so) though this is sometimes just a drop, sometimes get a decent amount in the bowl too.Hopefully someone will reply with some useful information :)I wouldn't worry -too- much, just carry on with your diet, and treat it well, if it doesn't heal after a couple of months, ask your doc, that's my plan anyway!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 25, 2010
    • 10:21 PM
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