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anal bleeding please help

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  • Posted By: mepaolke
  • January 20, 2007
  • 11:25 AM

ok my 4yr old has constant bleeding when she has a BM i brought her to the hospital twice (1st time the Dr did nothing) 2nd time it was determinded that all her intestines were completely full, she was given an enima and oral medication to losen up her stool. (she has a regular bowel movment everyday) this seemed to clear up the problem. now 1 week later her stool is hard again. she is always complaining of stomach aches and feeling like she is going to get sick. (I am seeking medical advice, I have to wait untill we go back to Sick Kids, she is on naporxen and has JRA) the Dr at the hospital has told me there is no relation, so i am at a loss if anyone can help me with anytype of info i would really appreciate it. thank you

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  • On my own day of admission I decided to call off my op, as chances of success were not good. A homoeopath then helped me as explained below, and it worked the miracle. So here is my humble advice.Try changing her diet for a month, explain it is a temporary experiment. Begin with her eating no solid foods for a day or two. Only as much as wanted veggie broth. Overcook baby marrows and cabbage in water, then save the water and discard the rest. Flavour with Trocomare salt, if needed, and if you can find it. This brew can be kept in the fridge for a day. It is very nutritious, makes one feel great.Also plenty to drink but no tea or coffee. ONLY use sterilized (long life) milk. Mix hot water, honey, sugar and sterilized milk for a drink. In Africa we call it "silver tea".After some time on the fast, softer stools will appear - quite a lot, as if she was eating normally. There are juices that should get added by the gall bladder etc, to form healthy stools. These form stools even when we don't eat much. The fast gives the organs a chance to sort themselves out. After this, go back to solid foods, BUT:NO bread or pasta (it acts like glue) and NO meat (it makes intestines fester and causes haemorrhoids). Plenty cooked veggies (nothing raw) especially squash / pumpkin (well mashed and mixed with sugar and even mayo to taste) and real mashed potato (not from powder in a bag), flavoured with olive oil or real butter, and Trocomare salt. The mashing and flavouring is just to make it taste better for kids. Keep things natural and simple and look for high quality fresh veggies that taste good.Better than most medications is slow-release vitamin C, about 500 mg per day. If you have dried prunes in your country, add them. They have iron, to make up for not eating meat. Of course once things are better and stable (we hope) she can go back to eating anything. If it then gets worse again, you go back to fasting etc.An easy Yoga movement is "The Cat". Show her how a cat stretches, and why. On all fours, lower back curved inward, front paws far out. This they do to make an involuntary muscle in the colon pass their stool through to the rectum. It works for us too. We can bring our hands back in (to all fours position) to achieve a better inward curve of our spine. Also find excuses to do lots of walking and exercises with her.I sure hope this is all you will need.
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