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wtf hives?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 29, 2009
  • 03:47 AM

starting December '08, I've been getting hives. it started off around the hips and lower back. I thought it was nothing...thought they were mosquito bites until I realized that it's like -3 DEGREES OUTSIDE... (winter weather in Chicago is harsh...)
I'd go on with my routine...wake up, realize there are bumps on me, go and shower...and then I'd come out with hives behind my knees. soooo itchy....

progressively every day, it would get worse. and I noticed that when I'd cry, I'd get hives on my scalp and hairline and it'll spread to my face. ohhh so ugly.

my dad suggested that I take Benedryl. worked like a charm! but I felt soooooo fatigued throughout the day. pops decided to make an appointment for me.

went to doctor. got hella blood tests done...HELLA.
all the doctor did was prescribe Claritin for AM and Benedryl for PM. now, I'm just wondering -- is it even good for the body to take allergy medicine 24/7 for forever? because... I don't see how else to get these hives away. and I'm starting to get really dependent upon Benedryl to fall asleep at night, and I'm really starting to get worried because I don't even feel sleepy when I take Benedryl anymore.

sooo frustrated.

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  • daaanng forreal? I didn't even know something like that was possible!!I'll look into it... and thank you =D
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  • Hello,Just wanted to share my experiences with you and possibly help w/ finding a cause of hives.In November, I started experiencing chest pains and a week later, I started getting hives. I saw my doctor who initially diagnosed me with "stress and anxiety" and later diagnosed me with "allergies". The chest pain continued so I went back to the doctor and she referred me to a cardiologist. After an ECG, EKG, and stress test, there were no findings as to the possible cause.It's now been 7 months that I've had hives and situation's getting worse. I've been taking Benedryl to help with the itch but it doesn't always work. Sometimes my hives are so bad, I want to scream. First the hives started on my arms and legs, sometimes my eyes, sometimes my lips. Now it's on my torso, feet, and hands as well.I've seen an allergist and did testing. Results revealed that I wasn't allergic to anything. I was then referred to a hematologist who did a first set of blood tests and later called me back for a second testing. Those results showed that I had elevated levels of antibodies. He said that a lot of ppl suffered from hives and 90% of the time, it's never figured out why. He also said "deal with it". The hematologist then referred me to a dermatologist (who was no help at all). She told me to take Reactin at night until I was 2-3 weeks completely clear. Useless. I still have hives. During all this, I was also prescribed 5 pills for Prednisone. These didn't help either. I was still breaking out. The pharmacist was surprised. Said it shouldn't be happening and for me to check with my doctor.I've also seen a naturopath who was unable to help me. She was "stumped" but at least she didn't look at me like I was crazy and making things up.I tried everything. I washed my clothes separately with a non-chemical, non-harsh detergent w/ no fragrance. I stopped using creams for a while. I stopped using soap and bathed w/ water only. None of these eliminations helped.I was not satisfied with the stress and allergy diagnosis. I thought it was a cop out for doctors who didn't know how to help. I had a gut feeling something was wrong internally. One day, after eating, I noticed that I had heartburn (a different sensation from my original chest pain). I had been experiencing heartburn on and off as well. I did an internet search for "heartburn and chronic hives" and came across an article that stated possible causes. One of the items mentioned was the H.Pylori virus/bacteria commonly the cause for stomach ulcers. I called my doctor and told her I wanted a blood test for H.Pylori. She accommodated me and the results came back positive. Finally, after 7 months, I feel like I have a chance of getting rid of the hives. It wasn't stress, it wasn't anxiety, and it wasn't allergies. I've been given a 7 day round of antibiotics (8 pills/day) and am currently on my 4th day. I haven't seen any results as I am still suffering. I will however, take all the antibiotics as prescribed and pray that the hives go away. In the article that I found, it stated that most people required 2 wks of antibiotics. I've called my doctor and have asked her for another week's RX. I still have a little bit of hope in that the hives will go away after the two weeks. If not, I really don't know what I'm going to do.Anyway, the point of this post is to offer a possible cause. Ask your doctor for a simple blood test for the H.Pylori virus and good luck!
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