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Very painful, itching...getting worse

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 24, 2007
  • 02:06 AM

When I go outside and walk anything that is touching my skin (clothes, socks) gets my skin itching horribly. This can also happen without clothes touching (like when running at a beach). I can't do any outdoor sports or run or even walk much of a distance. Sometimes even indoors i'll get attacks like if someone rubs my shoulders.

The itching is beyond painful! :(

I take clairnex for allergies which makes it more bearable (otherwise the itching is painful to where I want to almost cry, although I hardly ever get any type of visible bumps or swelling).

When I scratch I get swollen red lines like when someone who is allergic to cats gets scratched by one. I use detergents that are made for sensitive skin and am very careful about skin products. Has anyone heard of this type of allergy?

This has been going on for years and just seems to be getting worse.

Don't know if it is related, but sometimes I feel like my immune system might be involved. I get colds and infections a lot.

I'm seeing a dermotologist this Friday, however I've been to them before so I'm not that hopefull. Most are used to the traditional food / sneezing alergies.

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  • My was cured when I "completely" removed wheat from my diet, it is hard but worth it. If I even eat 1 piece of bread with wheat the itch is back. Try it, you will not be disappointed.
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    • February 10, 2007
    • 08:16 PM
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  • This happened to me when I went to Seattle to visit a friend. I stayed about 5 days and flew home. I noticed a red bump on the inside of my thigh that was itching really bad. I started itching only around the tops of my thighs, underwear line, around armpits, on chest and stomach, and outside of thighs. There were no bumps but it itched bad. I would scratch and red streaks would appear. The itching was horrible and if your a normal person, this will interfere with a job and all daily functions. I went to two allergists and was put on something. (Can't remember). It did not help. The itching seemed to get worse when I showered or got angry or upset. I changed everything from foods to detergent. I was starting to get really scared because I missed alot of work and could not go out of the house. Finally, I went to my family doctor and he performed a biopsy on a spot on my thigh. It was a red streak where I had been itching. (My mom thought I had cancer or arthritis.) Everything came back fine so I decided it was something I injested while in Seattle. I either ate something different or something bit me or got into my bloodstream. I truly believe it took about 1 2/2 months to get out of my system. It was most miserable. I hope it never happens again because nobody could help. I would tell everyone to cleanse their bodies, drink lots of fluid, and try to be calm until it passes. (Don't know if if mentioned, but I also bathed in a lice shampoo several times thinking it was scabies). That didn't help either. To this day, I'll never know what happened. It could have been an allergy. Hope this helps.
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  • I have this problem too and I had the problem when scratched, I welted up. My dermatologist said it was a condition known as dermatographism, or skin writing. In my case, my immune system is overreacting and releasing too much histamine to something as simple as a brush against something. I'm on doxepin, hydroxyzine, and singular and most days they work wonders.
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