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Very Itchy Widespread Rash.

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  • Posted By: EmLou87
  • May 24, 2009
  • 02:02 PM

For 3 weeks now i have had a very sevear itch all over my body, it first started on my stomach, 1st the itching then the red bumps appeared, like mosqito bites (but not), this then spread to my thighs, and backs off my knee's, the bumps are all over the backs off my knees, but my thighs, its like a cluster off smaller red bumps, and on the front off my thigh, there are alot off spread out red patches, that are very itchy, (on both legs). This then spread to my arms, now around the bend on my arm there are the small bumps, like the bumps on my thigh, but then up my arm stopping at my wrist, there are hundrens off tiny raised pin *****s, some are flesh coloured some are red.
Then it spread to my hips and i have got alot off bumps, like mosqito bites (like they 1st started on my stomach), now it has spread to my under arm and near my armpit, this rash being more like the rash on my thighs, close together and raised.
I also have some very large fleshy bumps, just near my armpits, around the back, that are very sore now due to scrathing.
My rash gets alot worse when i get hot, and also hot water flares it up, skin to skin contact makes me more itchy and clothes, or anything touching the affected areas makes it more itchy!
I Have been on medication for it, antihistamines, and Antibiotics, neither clearing the rash, and my doctor said it might be scabies, but i have seen on websites about how and where it starts and i have none of the signs, plus with scabies being VERY contagious, my partner or my baby, have not got the rash i have! And alot off people have said it isn't, So im sceptical about that.
Does anyone have any idea what my rash is, and how i can cure it, coz its driving me MAD, for 3 weeks now i have been itching like crazy, and i have a 5 week old baby to look after and im finding it hard, as im always to itchy to touch him, as any kind off contact flares it up!

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  • First, what you describe does not seem to be scabies, but just because the other family members don't have it doesn't mean that isn't what you have. There can be a substantial lag time between exposure to scabies and the development of itching. IOW, baby/partner might have it, but haven't had it long enough to develop itching. There are a huge amount of things that will cause what you describe. Anything from a neutrophilic folliculitis to dermatitis herpetiformis (a really bad name, since it has nothing at all to do with herpes), to Darrier's disease can cause what you describe, and that just begins to scratch the surface (yes, pun intended). You really need to go see a dermatologist to evaluate/scrape/biopsy you.
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  • After reading this thread I thought I would write...I was wondering does your rash ever go away and then reapper later? I have been dealing with something similar...Mine started on my stomach as well...I had just changed my diet and started eating whole or 100% wheat.. I was on vacation and had a lot of sugar...I broke out on my stomach and went to the dermatiolist and he also said it was contact dermatitis...well after a round of antibodics it went away...almost a year later it came back but this time it was on my arms and it would make its way up my face...sometimes it would be on my legs as well..I am a female so I would also get yeast infections, I would go to the doc be put on antibodic and also be given yeast infection meds..It would go away but come back within a month or two...I have been to serveral doc even an Internest and the all say the it must be something that I am eating...I even ask one doc could this be an all over body yeast infection? They looked at me as if I were so stupid, they would say that in not possible, but everytime I would get the rash on my body I woud get a yeast infection. I have tried everything from changing laundry soap to no fabric softner to all different meds.. nothing helps...I am now currently looking into Gluten..I also used Black Walnut(herb) in my water, and that seem to help..I hope this helps.
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  • i have 9 month old twins and one of them got a rash 7 weeks ago ,it started on his face and has spread to his eyes, face, lips, back of the head,neck chest, stomach,legs,arms and his back.the twin nor my other kids have it.i have seen 7 doctors and went to the hospital and nobody can tell me what it is,he is on a waiting list of up to 5 years for a dermatologist,he has had tonsilitis 10 times since may,i have used the same washing powder and keep him in clothes that are only 100% cotton and bathe him and apply silcocks base twice a day and he is getting worse that he bleeds now,he is normally a placid child but he cries a lot and is very clingy,i am paying 70.00 euro in desperation to a woman that says she can find the problem by testing the muscles in his body,has anybody any suggestions he cannot go on like this.
    sophieellis 1 Replies
    • September 8, 2009
    • 08:58 PM
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  • There are so many things it could be it's almost impossible to figure out. Often doctors can take months to figure it out as well. allergic reactions are very common and can happen from almost anything.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 14, 2009
    • 02:47 PM
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  • I know this thread is years old but while searching I found it. Did you ever figure out a resolution or what was the cause? I am having the exact same symptoms and the MDs have no idea! Please let me know if you know anything. Thanks!
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