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turning red

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 13, 2010
  • 00:28 AM

i have read every post in this forum and have found many similarities to what i suffer from. for about 2 years now i have been experiencing outbreaks of turning red, it usually starts on my chest and climbs up my neck. i do feel an increase in body temperature and a few episodes i have actually had tremors where my hands will shake uncontrollably. my redness was first brought to my attention my freshman year (2004) of college in speech. i was never a big fan of public speaking but one of my peers suggested that i wear a turtle neck when giving speeches because i turned so red and blotchy, at this point i really hadnt thought much of my redness. next i noticed my redness was more associated with drinking alcohol, people suggested that it was an allergic reaction. but significantly for the past 2 years i have been having my flushing at random and in inconvient situations that make me feel as if i have no control over anything including myself. sometimes in the beginning i wouldnt even know i was turning red until someone mentioned it to me which inturn would cause more flushing. then it was prior to tests, interviews, asking my boss questions, talking with co workers, on the phone, around people i knew, and even during sex. sometimes feeling nervous other times not at all.

i have taken accutane (which i am not currently taking), and on yaz which i have taken probably since 2006-07

i asked my dermatologist about it, at the time i was being treated with accutane but i never had acne that would cause my face to turn red. he really had no comment on it.

then after some episodes with trembling hand, even where i was unable to get the cup of water to my mouth without spilling or hitting my teeth i decided to go see my PMD. he first tried me on allegra for antihistamine, with no relief and then on metoprolol a beta blocker, which hasnt helped at all. i have noticed my body temp does go up but my blood pressure hasnt increased dramatically.

i have also seen the greys anatomy epsiode with the girl that has the blushing and although i dont get as red in the face my chest and neck get as red and blotchy.

its frustrating because my dr. is diagnosising it as a mental issue, hes referred me to an endercrinologist as well but i have yet to get an appt. i really hope i can find some way to try to prevent or atleast regulate my random redness. im going to school to be and RN and i cant imagine still dealing with this unexplained while in school with tests, clinicals and doctors etc.

i have dreaded the day when i have to think about a interviews, speeches, confrontations and even a wedding. my mom tells me i just need to stop thinking about it which almost always makes it worse because it is something i cant just turn off. reading all these entries has really help in the fact that i am not alone and the only one dealing with the confusion of it all.


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