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  • Posted By: PinkAngel
  • April 26, 2009
  • 03:16 PM

Please Please can someone help me ? I had a baby 7 months ago and sinse the birth and during the pregnancy i have experianced a range of symptom's and have now become so weak that i can no longer manage with my baby or even walk at time's or stand for more than a few moments without feeling i will collapse or faint ... I been persistantly back and fourth to my Doctors who have repeatedly dismissed me as suffering from Depression and severe Anxiety
... This i will not deny as months of trying to find the reason why i am so ill has left me in this state ... I have had a couple deficiancy ests which have come back normal ... A testosterone test also normal ... A gut test and Oedema testing all normal and the latest to be performed are a Fasting blood test of the kidney
and a scan of the Kidneys in 4 weeks time ... My symptom's are as follow's ...

Frequent Blood in urine without infection!
I react to anything from Antibiotic's,Anti depressant's to sugarfree mint's and some other food!
Feel weak,lack of strength and energy!
Nail beds are pale with purple/red band on tip's,Ridges long ways on the nail and twisting as they grow!
Abdonamal pain with pain in Kidney area!
Feeling faint!
I have had Pain down one side (right) of my head!
Vertigo (bouts of)!
Pain in joint's and muscles!
Hair falling out (more than is usual)!
Pain in chest!
Shortness of breath!
React to plasters!

Please and ty for reading but can anyone shed any light on this as i feel my life is ebbing away ... Thankyou .

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  • Hello,I am so sorry to hear about your troubles and though I doubt you are going to read this message since it has been a while, I still can't let these things go unsaid. Pregnancy can cause a lot of hormonal fluctuations and I have read that Pregnancy can actually bring on Thyroid problems, have you had your Thyroids tested? NOT just a TSH test, but Free T3/T4 testing and an Antibody test. Also keep in mind that the sugar substitute Aspartame can cause many of those symptoms and you should avoid anything containing Aspartame, which is a lot of things so read carefully. Also maybe a food Allergy? When you say you "React" what do you mean? And have you tried seeing other doctors? If the one/ones you are seeing now are not listening then try switching.Try other types of doctors, an internal medicine doctor, etc. I feel for you as I have been plagued with some complicated symptoms myself, I wish you the best of luck and health.Take care and be well.Samantha
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