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I don't know what is going on with my daughter

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  • Posted By: shaz71
  • August 13, 2008
  • 07:30 AM

Hi my daughter is 17mths old, she was diagnosed as having severe reflux at 11mths old, she is on a dairy/soya free diet although she can tolerate a little soya but not a lot. Her reflux seems fine at the minuite she is on 20mg of omeprazole, 5mg of domperidone 3xdaily, gaviscon in every bottle, and nutramigen milk and dairy free diet. But she as some other symptoms going on one is seizures they don't happen all the time but when they do they seem to come in clusters, she was in hospital for 6days as i thought she had stopped breathing i now think it was a seizure she actually had one in the hospital and that is when i realised. They didn't see it, when i went to see the peadiatrician which was actually a SHO she just fobbed me off and said babies with reflux fine shake, and can be more floppy than normal. Which i am not impressed. Then i went to see a dietician who asked about allergies she then rang hospital who apparantly tested to see if she was allergic to milk and apparantly it showed negative which shocked me as she reacts quite quickly to milk, coughing, reflux playing up, runny nappies etc, so she tried soya as the dietician said not to give dairy we tried soya and her symptoms progressed slowly over about 3-4days so she can tolerate a bit but not a lot it builds up. But whilst there she said she would like to point something out they had taken a total ige and the normal range was 0.5-29.0 Zoes came back 291.0 so quite high, now the past few days i put her down to sleep for a nap and i check on her regular, i noticed her leg was purple, just one leg she was on her side so obviously got circulation problem as babies can sleep in funny positions but that shouldn't happen, and then because i have noticed it now i checked day after this time it was her hand on opposite side again laying on her side, she has very cold hands and feet anyway so i don't know what is going on with her wether it all could be related. I have taken photos to show them, she is due back to see the peadiatrician next month, but i am going to phone them as i aren't impressed that they said blood work was normal when she had high total ige and also now with this happening, but i think it may have been happening for a while but i haven't noticed as normally have pj's on it was really warm so put her to bed in nappy and top and that is when i noticed leg. As anybody heard of anything like this and what could be causing it, could allergies cause this especially with the high total ige? Thanks in advance. Sharon x

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  • Elevated IGE levels usually mean there is an allergy present. Have the doctors ruled out Asthma? She has many symptoms, this should be looked at. Do you smoke? The turning 'purple' worries me. I wonder if she is getting enough oxygen, how she breaths. Please describe in detail the seizures, we may be able to help. :)
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    • February 21, 2009
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