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hayfever, allergies, asthma, what is going on???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 12, 2010
  • 00:49 AM

Ok for the past year we've been living in a house that is constantly dusty and dirty. Everyday the house must be swept else there is just dust and dirt everywhere. The house is tiled.
We have 10 pets, 3 dogs (2 of them sleep inside), 6 cats and 1 rabbit.
I think I have either hayfever or some form of allergy problem. I have these symptoms most of the time, some days it's not as bad, other days it's quite bad.
I don't smoke but I live with 3 smokers, 2 of which are chain smokers.
I am constantly having to blow my nose because if I don't take my tablets, it's constantly running. I'm always sneezing especially when there's smoke in the air or if I am near flowers or anything strong smelling.
Sometimes my eyes itch and that drives me mad. If I rub them, they go red and sometimes the sleep is what is irratating them because it's not discharging properly. At night, waking up and rubbing the sleep from my eyes is not cool because it's crusty and i have to get up and go to the mirror to make sure I got it all out.
I do have a cough, but it's a dry cough and I am sometimes wheezing as well. Sometimes i feel as if i can't breathe properly.
Other than that, postnatal drip and my nose is sore, probably due to all the blowing. When i blow, my snot is white, sometimes i see a green or yellow snarly though :p What ia bugging me is i can immediately, no matter where I am in the house, smell when someone is lighting up and smoking. I can't stand being around the smell at all.
I feel tons better when I'm not at home around all this constant smoke. When I'm out I'm not sneezing, blowing my nose or coughing. If I do it's not a constant thing.
I get very down sometimes because this is a constant thing, it's never going away, and I can't ask the smokers to stop because THEY WONT. I don't know what to do because everyone says I have hayfever, and i have all the symptoms, but i'm becoming paranoid thinking i have asthma, emphesemia or something worse. Could it be something worse than hayfever due to the all the time symptoms or is this just a simple dustmite or animal allergy issue?

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