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Chicken is killing me

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 7, 2008
  • 06:11 AM

About 3 weeks ago, I ate chicken probably 3 times in one week. The last time, after a church potluck (no one else got sick), I became so violently ill I thought I would die. I was throwing up so much I was choking, and as I passed out said to myself, "Note to self. Not how I wanted to be found. Should have had silk pajamas." Mind you, this was not one of my worst episodes. My worst episode was 18 hours of throwing up/diarhhea (spelling?). Was visiting my brother, and he became very scared, never having seen my that ill, and wanted to take me to the hospital - nearest one was 2 hours away. I said, "No, I get sick like this a lot. It'll pass....."

This last one only lasted 6 hours. I came to on the bathroom floor - too weak to crawl back to bed. And evidentally, not quite done throwing up, etc. Spent the night on the bathroom floor.

As I look back on the 5 years I've had these episodes, it occurs to me I eat a lot of chicken. One night after having chicken pizza, I had to leave in the middle of choir (not good when you're the director....:cool:). Choir went home, and a friend stayed behind with me for the 3 hours of throwing up and diarhhea to subside long enough for her to drive me the 30 minutes home (with 3 stops along the way). Another choir night, same thing. I had eaten chicken fried rice. (Used to go out to dinner every Wednesday before choir with my pastor - we ate a lot of chicekn.) One time after attending a Christmas concert with friends, we stopped and had pizza. I don't know what kind of pizza we ate, but within 30 minutes after getting home, it was an all-nighter of throwing up and, well, you know. I'm guessing it was chicken pizza, 'cause that is one of my favorites.

People have commented it's so wierd that you get so violently ill for no apparent reason. I've always believed it wasn't the flu, cause the flu doesn't hit that quickly and that violently.

So, I have diagnosed myself with being allergic to chicken. I am physician diagnosed as being allergic to albumin. As is a brother. My sister can't eat turkey or chicken - she gets bad stomach cramps, but not the violent throwing up I get. (I've had retinal detachments in both eyes, and one time was throwing up so violently I feared I would re-detach them.....)

I guess my question is, is there such a thing a being allergic to chicken? Before I figured this out, I went back to work after the last episode, but could only handle a half day. Came home, thought I'll have some chicken noodle soup (that's what mom's always give kids when they're sick). Within 30 minutes, here we go again. Not as violent this time, I guess because I hadn't ingested as much chicken...

Is there anything that can be done? I didn't realize how much chicken I ate until I stopped eating it. I love chicken. Grocery shopping is much more challenging. I guess the plus side is I've lost 12 pounds.........

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  • Allergies to chicken is a real thing and I am speaking from experience with my 10 year old who has reacted to chicken for most of his life. His throat becomes 'tight' and sore. His breathing is affected and then he vomits, and even his eyes become itchy and puffy. I do not know anyone else personally who cannot eat chicken but the more reading I do the more I see it is quite common and very real.. He can eat eggs and everything else, although in the past he has had a serious reaction to a fish fillet that came from the supermarket. He ended up with a swollen face, hives all over his body and a trip to the hospital because his breathing was restricted.
    Bellaja 1 Replies
    • August 31, 2008
    • 00:49 AM
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  • It is very possible to be allergic to chicken, eggs, albumin, feathers, etc... NAET is the only treatment I have found that will actually reverse this allergy. Please research this - it works. Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques. Best wishesDOM
    acuann 3080 Replies
    • September 3, 2008
    • 06:36 PM
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  • Let me add that chickens are injected with a seaweed extract to plump them up and to preserve them. They claim it's natural and don't have to listit on the label.But seaweed extracts are very very potent. Nothing like extracts we have in our cubbard. I'm very allergic to this extract and have had to give up all poultry because of it.
    AshleyHH 45 Replies
    • November 19, 2008
    • 11:57 PM
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