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Autoimmune progesteron dermatitis

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  • Posted By: tovena
  • May 17, 2008
  • 06:50 PM

:confused: have you ever heard of this condition? I have it, but would like to get some more information...the doctors here in Norway have never heard of this , and I feel like a ***k everytime I try to explain to them what this is....:rolleyes:
thankful for answer,Tove,Norway

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  • It most certainly exists... It's a rare skin rash is supposed to be due to hypersensitivity to the hormone progesterone. For unknown reasons, some women develop antibodies against the hormone that leads to a cyclical rash that usually occurring with menstrual periods. You should print out an article from the internet and bring it with you to the doctors.
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  • HI again,and thanks for answering. I have tp tell you that the rasch is the least of my prolems due to this condition:o! Although it was worse for me when I as younger, I occasionally get it real bad now as well....and the reason why I started to search the internet for more information is that I just got pregnant,with my third child. I usually get rasch etc everytime I get pregnant and also everytime I have given birth....but this time I even got itching eyes - had to get medicine and more, and a really bad reaction.Twins,maybe:eek::D?? So when I tried to explain to the doctor that I might have these reactions because I was pregnant,he really didn't believe me. THe doctors haven't heard of it,although I was diagnozed with it years ago in a special hospital in oslo.However,during my periods I mentioned that the rasch is the least of my problems. I also get really seek - a ad cold with lungs that are real bad,I had a stiff neck for years,couldn't lift my head for a day or two,I have headache,fever,my arms have been swollen and aching and I 've tried it all it seems - just a lot of different reactions along with the rasch,wich luckily does'nt itch!Interesting ti read and learn more about this condition - do you get any treatment???? thanks, Tove:)
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  • Hi, I am so sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with this disease. I myself, do not have it, but my oldest daughter does. She does get some swelling along with the itch, but only mild pain from the swelling. It is a rare disease, and I have had the same problem as you when my daughter was younger. The doctors had no idea what it was, so I had to educate them every time. (even tho the name says very much). It is an autoimmune disease. If you have one autoimmune disease you might often get another. What I am trying to say is that maybe you should have your doctor check you for antibodies. An ANA test might come back positive pointing to other autoimmune things going on in your body. Also the disease is associated with progesterone production during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. It can be diagnosed using progesterone tests and can be treated by disrupting the ovulation cycle! If I were you I would contact the hospital that had you diagnosed and ask for your health records. If that is of no help then you should ask to be reffered to a specialist. Print out a few serious articles on the subject before you do so. The best of luck, Kiera
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  • Here's an article for you to show your doctors:http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=509283
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    • October 25, 2008
    • 06:39 AM
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  • Hi all:I periodically check back for information about my "condition" since it seems to be so new to the medical community. With my period, I break out in terrible hives all over my body primarily on my face though which is very stressful.Some background: I have had chronic hives since the summer of 2001 during which I traveled extensively. I was sent to a infectious disease specialist, allergist, endocrinologist, gyno etc with no result. You get the idea. To date, there is no known cause for this problem.I can be overly stressed with no breakouts and completely stress free with breakouts. I dread that time of the month because without fail, the welts come out in full force.During the rest of the month, my hives are OK which I control with 180mg (cut down to a smaller size during the winter months / summer months are terrible from April through September) and Hydroxyzine/Atarax 25mg at night. I have tried everything else and these are the only 2 combos that work for me to some degree.Now, I am battling a swollen lymph node infection which is freaking me out because you wonder if some doctor along the way missed something. I know it is all linked but what can you do when your doctors just load you up with medicine and cover the problem? Everything from lupus to my hormone levels have been tested and strange diets have been tried with no result.Besides going on birth control pills (there is a valid theory that this is what could have started this problem in the first place), I will continue to deal with these hives at certain times of the month and hope that some type of solution becomes available.
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    • November 13, 2008
    • 01:10 PM
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  • A search of google books shows a lot of books on this subject. This chapter is easy to read. I'd only look at recent books though, as they've found out a lot about chronic urticaria being autoimmune in some people recently. This explains why some people do well on antihistamine, and others not so well, as with steroids etc. http://books.google.com.au/books?id=NstpHJH4dl0C&pg=PA24&dq=Autoimmune+progesterone+dermatitis#PPA23,M1
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    • November 19, 2008
    • 00:58 PM
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