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Autoimmune - HLA gene?

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  • Posted By: latejuly
  • January 3, 2009
  • 05:14 AM

I have been sick for 5 years with serious symptoms but no real results. I'm 23 i've been ill since I was 18. I've lost 35lbs, muscle pain, chronic diarrhea, nausea and dry heaving, breaking out into sweats often accompanied by nausea and dry heaving. I feel so weak, sick and dizzy i can't walk so I crawl around trying to get from my bed to the bathroom.

I have blistery rashes on my legs when I'm not well, on the inside of my thighs, red and kind of puss filled. I get canker soars in my mouth, blurred vision and i feel crappy all round.

I did see a rheum. doctor a couple years ago who said I tested positive for HLA B27 which is an immunological gene. As well as my mom has very bad Addison's Disease that seems to go up and down.

Could this be autoimmune? I had my ANA's tested in the spring and they were fine, but my compliment levels were low. My RBC is a little low, and my WBC is a little elevated. Never anything too worry about the doctors say, except I feel absolutely terrible.

Anyways its come to posting on boards, as my doctor thought I had carcinoid tumors, but it came back negative thank goodness.

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  • First, I'm very sorry to hear of your plight.My guess is that nost likely, there is indeed some relationship between your constellation of symptoms and your immune system, such as an auto-immune condition. Pleqse understand that I am NOT a physician.I was stuck in a wheel chair and misdiagnosed as a "head case" by the "best" West Coast neurologists for many months prior to locating the right doc, who diagnosed me, treated me and gave me back my life. I had to go to Harvard (Beth Israel Deaconess Hosptial). The physician did not chartge me a dime, and eventually the hospital waived all the charges I'd built up because my case was so interesting and led to journal articles.Do you ever hallucinate? Do you ever fall down suddenly or get weak when you laugh or are stimulated by something scary, funny, sad, startling, etc.?Have you been evaluated for lupus?If you are able to narrow down what this might be somewhat, and find a published hjournal article describing the same general condition, then email the author, you may get surprising reults. That is what led to my successful treatment. Auto-immune diseases have been steadily on the rise for many years, especially at the latitudes near the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Equatorial regions, for some reason, hardly exhibit any populations of auto-immune disorder-afflicted people. The Pacific NW of the USA also, for unknown reasons, has an unusually high incidence of various auto-immune-mediated disorders. I took interest in your post because my condition is associated with positivity of a particular HLA allele, also.Auto-immune problems mask themselves as so many different things, they are really difficult to diagnose. Don't be too tough on your physicians. But definitely DO search for journal article abtsracts describing cases similar to yours, and write ott the authors asking for help. You would be surprised how many will respond anf offer help, if your case fits within their areas of interest.Best of luck!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 14, 2009
    • 06:04 AM
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  • Hey thanks for your response and I will take the advice about journals.Yes weakness is a big problem, big emotions make me feel weak, dizzy and nauseaus but its not anxiety i just get overwhelmed, laughing, crying etc.Hallucinations; I only see stars, lights, colors, I find it hard to see.What disease were you diagnosed with ? What HLA gene do you have?
    latejuly 9 Replies
    • February 14, 2009
    • 11:21 PM
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