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A medically interesting case is never good..... Read on

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  • Posted By: philipe1
  • March 2, 2012
  • 02:57 AM

Extremely rapid edema in all four eyelids, left, right, upper, lower PLUS diarrhea, all in a period of five minutes.

I've had this allergic reaction come on for the past twelve years or so. Each eyelid becomes a "golf ball" plus I get explosive diarrhea all within a five minute period. I go "blind" since I can't even lift an eyelid to see out of my eye and I have to find a bathroom as well. This has happened in three states, and I can not link any meal or ingredient that is common. In fact it can happen when I haven't eaten anything. And I have gone to Mayo for extensive allergy testing, over 500 scrapes.

It has only happened during hours I am awake and never first thing in the am, and never ever, while I sleep. That should be some kind of clue I would think.

A diet Dr. I was seeing recommended the following regimen: Zantac and Claritan in the am, and a Zantac and Zyrtec in the evening. Zantac if you don't know, is not only a stomach acid blocker but also blocks some histamines as well. Anyway, so long as I don't stray from that daily regimen all is well.

Fast forward to today. I had to fly out of town quickly for a family emergency and grabbed my pills. I forgot I had run out of Zyrtec. Bang, within 48 hours I'm in the emergency room again, with a train of doctors looking at my swollen shut golf ball size eye lids, not believing what they were seeing. Typically they give me Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) IV Drip but I know that does nothing to stop the on going swelling or even help decrease it. Why? I have taken 10-20 benadryl at onset in the past and nothing touches this thing once it starts. FORTUNATELY, my throat is unaffected and so I am alive today to type this.

I think this is some kind of auto-immune disease related issue (I do not have HIV or any disease I am aware of) but nor can the docs tell me what it is... idiopathic is such a great word, eh? (Idiopathic is an adjective used primarily in medicine meaning arising spontaneously or from an obscure or unknown cause. From Greek ἴδιος, idios (one's own) + πάθος, pathos (suffering), it means approximately "a disease of its own kind".) Frankly, to me idiopathic means IDIOT for doctors too lazy to figure things out and simply treat the symptoms.

But allow me to retract my frustration, should a doctor be reading this far. I apoligize for the
idiopathic comment. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS?


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