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  • July 13, 2006
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I have read several things about alcoholism. I drink occasionally, but when I do it seems that each time is different. Since March I have had two episodes where I completely black out not remembering anything. In the past if I over drank bits and pieces would eventually come to me. On these two events nothing has come back. Both times were in public places. The first time I thought maybe someone had slipped something in my drink, but after the second time I think something is going on. The first time I was brought to the hospital and was released,I have no recollection. The second time I was arrested for arguing with a police officer and I have no recollection. I have people with addictive behaviors in my family. I have never considered myself to have adrinking problem. I don't drink often, I don't crave alcohol.Recently I have gone on a gambling binge. These things are not normal for me and I am concerned my mental state could be going. I am worried that my judgement is impaired even when I don't drink.I would appreciate any insight on my situation.

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  • Hi Unsure,My first questions are, what is your size and are you male or female, and how much did you drink?Most males can handle twice as much alcohol than females, and body composition also plays a part the less body fat, the less tolerance (genrally). For me, I am female, 5'8, 110 and will get very "buzzed" by only a glass of wine or so. So first point is, body size and gender can play a role.Secondly, you mention compulsive behaviors such as gambling. Does this happen when you drink or even without alcohol? Third, compulsive behariours seem to happen in certain people, whether it's genetic, environmental (the way you were raised), what have you. Either way, I would not necessarily assume alcoholism. Athough, it may be a consideration to look at the rest of your fam, any grandparents, parents, or siblings with similair or worse problems? This is also a good way to become aware, and change your behaviour, and to show that what your actions are may just be a replication of others actions. when you can recognize it in others.Fourth, are you taking any other medications or herbs? Any pills, even tylenol?Fifth, what is your diet like?All of these things combined have a big effect, so are you a chickie? Lightweight? Family history? Diet? Meds?much luck
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  • having been to rehab several times for alcoholism, I can say for sure it is genetic. they have proven that. so, it is not so much a case of replicating others behavior, though that is part of it. But be aware. it only gets worse with time. I strated having problems about age 15. from the firts time I drank, things weren't right. in my mid thirties it became a big problem. I drank to get drunk on weeknights even when I didn't want to. Had to call in sick againa and again. was lucky to still have my job. what happens is, once the first drink gets in, you have no way to predict the outcome. it is a huge gamble. I had a DWI. could have killed someone....... look into getting help through Alcoholics Anonymous(AA):
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  • do you like what happens to you when you drink? i would suggest finding an AA Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. go and just listen..do not try to compare yourself to others. listen and if you relate....you might have your answer. i certainly did not think i was alcoholic....but i am. that is the question someone asked me. i hated what happened to me when i drank. i was not a daily drinker, but i could not tell you what i would be like at the end of the evening. i had no idea how i would behave. most of the time- i was ok.... but i came to one morning in 4 point shackles in an ER with a fractured skull and mangled face...someone had kicked the s%$# out of me. i had no recollection, but today i am very grateful to that person. plus i am sure i deserved it...the mouth...a real problem!!!! good luck it may just be the best thing you ever do for yourself. you can always go back to drinking.
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    • November 8, 2006
    • 08:06 AM
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  • Hi Mazy,Addictive behavior is a matter of degree and how much it's affecting your life. From what you've said, it sounds like even though you don't drink often, when you do, you get some pretty major consequences. It might help you to look at the Alcoholics Anonymous website and find their self-assessment questionnaire. It's a list of questions that can help you get a sense of how much your drinking is affecting you and people around you.You say that others in your family have addictive behavior. That makes you predisposed to becoming addicted yourself, as addictive patterns are passed along in families through their attitudes and the things they do and say.And now you've had a gambling binge. Putting all that together, it sounds to me like you do indeed have some addictive behavior going on. However, having addictions doesn't mean that your "mental state is going." That really only happens in people who are years down the road of their addictions: alcoholics with DTs and their livers all but gone, drug addicts with damaged brains and nervous systems, gambling addicts who gamble away the last of their family's food and rent money, sex addicts who knowingly have sex with HIV-positive partners. Addiction isn't "losing your mind," it's an emotional, spiritual, and often physical disease.Is your judgement impaired even when you're not drinking? Probably only in the sense that you have trouble making sane choices about drinking and gambling. From what you've described, you're not in an advanced state of addiction. You're not going to forget your parents' names, leave home with your door standing open, or drive into oncoming traffic.A clinical addiction treatment program might help you, so might Alcoholics Anonymous or Gamblers Anonymous. But since you're dealing with two possible addictions, and since your drinking binges are rather far apart, I think you'd benefit from first visiting a psychotherapist who's experienced with addictions. She or he could help you sort out your behavior and feelings, get a better sense of what's driving your drinking and gambling, and choose the treatment that would best help you.Good for you for seeking help before you're too far into addictive behavior. And good luck!!
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