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Sister smoking

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 17, 2007
  • 11:47 PM

My sister is 26 years old and she's smoking. Lately, I've been studying the effects of smoking and it really freaked me out. Is there any way to stop her smoking?

(I can only contact her by phone or e-mail, she lives quite far)

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  • sue the tobacco company.-----you are right,she is putting herself in real danger.my wife once asked me the same question about her mothers smoking."let her see you cry."was my advice .it worked,for a few years,anyway.there is no easy answer i am sorry to say,as you must be aware.most smokers want to give up,but find it too hard,though there is a new treatment using a tranquiliser that improves chances of success by about ten per cent,for the motivated person.you could try mentioning the problems she will have if she becomes pregnant(though it is infinitely more important that she avoids alcohol if that should happen) if she has given up on her own health,she may just be moved by the welfare of a baby.for myself ,i no longer associate with smokers:i have stood by too many graves already.but i accept that a relative ,or an old friend is a different matter.you could resolve to put all you can into loving her while you can,and stay optimistic----many smokers have excellent survival prospects!try to make sure she is one of the long term survivors.(a mischievous thought occurs----you could exploit the distance between you by convincing her you have taken up a really dangerous sport-----be creative---and see if she wants to do a reciprocal giving up deal!)a warning---anti smoking literature is designed to frighten,do not let it affect you too much,and especially in your contacts with your sister,keep smiling!(if you can stand the smell!i cant.)
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  • We've had success with people able to curtail or quit smoking by weaning themselves off over time. They use our table top rolling machine and additive free tobacco to only roll when they really need one.This has the effect of giving them more control over their habit, and the lack of the thousands of commercial additives often (reportedly) has a side benefit while quitting.We get more than a few stories of people getting down to fewer than 5 smokes a day relatively quickly.Nothing beats quitting completely, but this might give a person who truly likes smoking the ability to cut it down to a level where smoking actually becomes an option, not a MUST COMPLY order from your body. customblends.com
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  • I have found quitting extremely hard before. I still smoke now but I'm preparing myself to quit again. What you have to remember is that smokers can get annoyed and angsty without nicotine so remember about the people your sister lives with. My boyfriend (bless him) goes through ***l when I try to quit. I get moody, snappy, tearful every mood under the sun. On minute I can be fine and the next I'll be biting your head off lol. Luckily he understands how hard it is and helps me along the way. When I did manage to quit (albeit having to use Zyban) I felt on top of the world, I was so proud of myself but if the ex smoker isn't as strong as most people they can easily fall back into smoking when stress comes back.......like me.
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  • Smoking is a terrible habit that causes serious health problems to many men and women. Contrary to popular belief, it is easy to kick the habit. Here are some great tips that you can use to help you kick the habit, starting today!http://e-healthytimes.com/blog/7-tips-to-quit-smoking
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    • February 18, 2009
    • 04:34 AM
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  • I smoked for 32 years. Took Chantex for 5-1/2 weeks as directed and have been smoke free for 20 + months. (my husband use if for 4 weeks and has been smoke free for just as long and smoked for 40 years
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    • February 24, 2009
    • 05:29 PM
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  • One of my friends also had been smoking with regular cigarette and due to it she suffered a lot. She tried everything for quitting smoke, but her all efforts was waste. Someone suggest her to try electronic cigarette once if she wants to quit smoking. She tried electronic cigarette and succeed in quitting smoke apart from it these cigarettes are healthy because it does not contain thousands of harmful chemicals. Electronic cigarette
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    • August 31, 2011
    • 10:24 AM
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