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Begging for any help/advice

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  • Posted By: angelauk
  • January 8, 2007
  • 00:31 AM

History - diagnosed with epilepsy due to seizures/absencses, used to drink alcohol, until requested to stop over 4 months ago.
The last 3 seizures have been different, more violent 1st date 4-6 tonic-clonic seizures Aug 2006 he was unconsious for over 12hrs, severe confusion -discharged him a week later saying it was his history of alcohol and not to drink anymore. (He has not had anything since then and had no withdrawls as only used to drink 2-4 pints a day) About 6-8 weeks later 8-10 clonic-tonic seizures- unconsious for over 12hrs this time they said it was alcohol withdrawl until we informed them that he was usually sane and could take care of himself unlike this mumbling, confused person who was paralised on one side and couldnt get his words together eg for Carrots Taccots. They did tests then he declined and ended up in isolation we have still not been told what the very serious infection was. He gradually improved and after 6 weeks in hospital was sent home. He had lost months of memory that time but was almost himself for xmas, new years eve another 8 seizures unconsious for 28hrs but only this time he has not come back he has no short-term memory, perhaps 1 minute memory, he sees people and imagines things that have not happened, and he is also having nightmares, he is presently in isolation with MRSA but the worst thing is, he know something is not right and says "there is something wrong with my brain, its not right". The doctors diagnosis that it's dementia from the alcohol abuse over the years and is referring him to a psyciatrist.But surely the fact that befor these 3 seizures he was perfectly ok and even during he improved. surely you dont go forward with dementia!! Any help please as he is still in hospital and doctors. email me at emailangie@msn.com I believe something is triggering the fits not the other way round! Thanks for listening/reading

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  • :D Well, that was real swell, the part about not drinking that is. Now me i used alcohol for i'd say 45yrs.& you think you got problems? So after a bit of reflecting, i became bound & determined to change my ways, but my "ways" did'nt want no part in it. Knowing that to discontinue use, i now had to face facts, as i had tryed to do many times before. So i asked myself, i said "self" what in Gods Name am i going to do & then it struck me. I had just answered my question, go to God and ask "Him" for help! So that's what i did & He did something that i did not expect; do you know what it means to uninstall something from your computer, now hear this.* He in His Devine Wisdom did this for me, i no longer have "any" desiere to drink period! Thank You ****s! So long for now,, As Always, In His Service.
    hogndog 426 Replies
    • January 8, 2007
    • 02:01 AM
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  • Divine Intervention Does Help For Some People! I Am More Concerned Right Now With The Dementia Type Symtoms. It's Sooo Easy For The Western Docs To Say "oh Yeah, He Drinks, So Its Alcohol Related." Doesn't Fit The Time Line Though. Sounds Like Something Organic Or Maybe A Bleed In The Brain Or Inflammation Pressing On Something. That's What Comes To My Mind For His Case. Don't Just Let It Go With The "alcoholic" Card And Medicate Him Away For Life. I Feel There Is Something Else Causing The Seizures And Break With Reality. Put Alot Of Love And Positive Energy To Him And Tell Him "be Strong And Let This Pass"! They Need To Look At It From The Right Angle. Prayers Of Healing And White Light. Focus A Pale Pink Light Around Him. People That Battle Alcohol Tend To Have Deep Childhood Issues. Rose Quartz Stone Is Very Comforting For These Types Of Traumas Or Self Love/esteem Issues. Has He Had Kidney Problems Thru Out Life? Relationship W/ Father? Best Luck
    1111healer 106 Replies
    • January 8, 2007
    • 02:27 AM
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  • :) I'm sorry if you misunderstand, all i was saying was to put his faith in God. I had literaly damaged my liver, kidnys,as well as a complete breakdown of my bodys defence system. Now let me ask you, if you had been given advice & etc to no avail, would not you yourself go to God. After all with God all things are possible. Thank You, As Always, In His Service.
    hogndog 426 Replies
    • January 8, 2007
    • 03:05 AM
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  • I wish you the best of luck in this. Im sure youre hoping I have a solution or answer- but I dont know much about medical diagnoses, I just want to give you some encouragement and to let you know that you should definitely keep searching. I watch tons of discovery health channel on tv and they are always talking about people who are misdiagnosed or doctors that dont ever really figure out what something is, and so the family will continue to research until they, instead of their trusted doc, find the real cause of something. REally, good luck- continue to find the strength to fight
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