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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 12, 2007
  • 05:00 AM

ok i have unobrow which is most annoying but thats not the problem i pluck it and where i pluck come red dots which normally turn into popable zits but they hurt and some of them don't go away im afraid of scarring when i become older im only 13 and i dont have a big zit problem other else than this i use cleaning pads i wash frequently and use facial washes wtf should i do????

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  • stop plucking...personally i think you are a bit young but i understand peer pressure right?anyway go to your local salon and get them to wax your brows...its a little uncomfortable but much better,but take some shades with you as your eye area goes quite red afterwards.with regards to the spots...dont pluck!!!honestly they need time to recover.if you must pluck after each pluck wipe the area with some clearasil or similar.the reason the spots are there is because as you pull the hair out the follicle remains open and dirt and grime can get in.this will sting a little but worth a try eh?good luck.oh NEVER squeeze spots...it causes scars.
    rebeccamc 40 Replies
    • February 26, 2007
    • 05:23 PM
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  • i have a unibrow that goes half way down my nose. i know all the embarassment that can come with it I was made fun of as early as 6th grade. i also reccomend you let it grow a bit till all the bumps are gone (you can cover it with good translucent powder a little bit to get you through the grow back period, just brush the powder over and back on the parts you want to cover, it makes them lighter and look more like the plain old hair on the rest of your face) and then get it waxed, but even after waxing keep the area clean but use something very gentle, and with no oil to keep it moistureized as well. if you want to continue plucking i would go out to bed bath & beyond or look online for a set of tweezerman exact tweezers....they are very easy to use and very very sharp so be carefull. to avoid getting dirt in the empty folicles i would pluck at night before you wash your face and not use anything too harsh on the area and nothing with alcohol. aveeno makes a good "calming moistureizer" and you can always use plain old cortizone cream or some bikini bump cream the night you pluck and maybe the night after. i have also found that wearing a loose powder or a very very light foundation protects my skin from new dirt and because it is so light it doesn't add to the problem. good tweezers may make all the difference in the world for you, along with growing older. as my skin got tough and used to plucking i had less bumps. i'm now 25 and find a stray almost everyday but my skin is used to being tortured. good luck!:p
    pocket_venus 7 Replies
    • September 7, 2007
    • 09:46 PM
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  • This thread is ancient, but oh well. If you want to get rid of the unibrow, why not get rid of it permanently? Go to a local beauty place and get something called electrolysis. For about $60 an hour, someone will kill each unwanted hair with a special needle. It is a little electric shock that will kill the hair root. Sometimes it takes a few treatments, but then you will be rid of the hairs! And you don't have to worry about plucking or anything. It hurts slightly more than plucking, but it's worth it. Laser hair removal is an option, but way, way more expensive.
    Antiloop 2 Replies
    • October 2, 2009
    • 06:07 AM
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