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acne meds help?

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  • Posted By: LGS808
  • September 12, 2010
  • 05:08 PM

ive been given (on a 3 month course) doxycyline 100mg tablets and told by my doctor to take 2 a day for 5 days then 1 a day, and to put the tablet in a glass thats 1/2 full and to let it dissolve...
tho i want to know wether to put juice into it because i dont know if the tablet will make the water taste bitter...anyone know if it tastes bad or if its tastless in water.


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  • Identifying Acne Acne Vulgaris is the most common form of acne. This type of acne encompasses: Blackheads: These occur when a pore is only partially blocked, allowing some of the bacteria to slowly drain to the surface. The black color comes from the skin’s own pigment reacting with the oxygen in the air. Whiteheads: These result when a pore is completely blocked, trapping bacteria and causing a white appearance on the surface. Whiteheads tend not to last as long as blackheads. Papules: These inflamed, red, tender bumps have no head. Papules appear as inflamed, red, tender bumps that should not be popped as that will increase the chances of scarring. Pustules: A pustule is an inflamed red circular skin bump with a white or yellow center and is known as the standard zit. Be weary of how you pop the zit as it has the potential to cause scabbing or scarring. Nodules: Nodular acne appear as much larger than the garden variety zit and can be quite painful. Nodules are large, hard bumps under the skin’s surface. Scarring is common and it can take months to go through its cycle. Avoid squeezing these as it could stretch the recovery time and cause scarring. Cysts: Essentially this is a nodule-like skin bump that filled with pus. They can be painful and scar and have long recovery time – longer if you try to pop them. About Acne Acne is most often found in adolescents going through puberty, however adult acne and pimples are frequent amongst both men and women. Acne is a skin reaction that can cause irritating skin bumps but is not life threatening and is considered a nuisance and potentially embarrassing in some social situations. Curing Acne Dermatologists often have ways of lessening swelling and preventing scarring, such as administering a cortisone shot or by using a plethora of creams, cleansers and lotions. Overall the best cure for acne is regularly cleansing and finding the right facial soaps to keep your skin balancing by identifying whether you have oily, regular or dry skin.>>hope this may help you! :)
    kenny1703 11 Replies
    • October 21, 2010
    • 06:32 AM
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  • Wash your face twice a day (no more) with warm water and a mild soap made for people with acne. Gently massage your face with circular motions. Don't scrub. Overwashing and scrubbing can cause skin to become irritated. After cleansing, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends applying an over-the-counter (no prescription needed) lotion containing benzoyl peroxide. This will decrease oil and bacteria.================================================================================================================================================ WATER FILTER REVIEW AND INFORMATION
    jackknw 3 Replies
    • October 16, 2012
    • 04:20 PM
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  • Its an interesting thread because i learned lot of new things. To get rid of acne it is good to drink lot of water as you can drink because water makes skin clear and acne free. Fruit juice and green tea are beneficial for removing acne from skin. You can also eat fruits. Acne problem occurs due to oily food so people try to avoid oily food.
    Revend 1 Replies
    • November 6, 2012
    • 05:31 AM
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  • I would suggest you take the medicines prescribed by your doctor but the medicine will do its magic only when you lead a healthy lifestyle. Sleep deprivation, too much stress, unhealthy eating habits and hectic lifestyle can be the reasons behind your acne. Live healthy and there will be no acne at all...
    Maryji 3 Replies
    • November 9, 2012
    • 11:28 AM
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