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Posted In: Nerve conditions
  • Posted by: Anonymous
  • 457 Replies
  • May 27, 2009
  • 09:18 PM

23 yr old maleFor years, ever since I was younger, I would periodically incur episodes where I would have an intense feeling of Deja Vu, usually triggered by something I hear someone say or something I read. And most often I feel like I heard these words spoken in my dreams I have had in the past,...

  • Posted by: Dr.Mommy
  • 1 Replies
  • December 26, 2006
  • 02:57 PM

For the past three days, my husband has been having odd flu-like symptoms, but I don't know if it's the actual flu or just a cold. Can anyone help?

Posted In: Head conditions
  • Posted by: Anonymous
  • 382 Replies
  • December 27, 2008
  • 09:49 PM

HelloA month and 1/2 ago i started feeling constantly spaced out, and cognitively deficient. A couple of days after i started feeling a constant dull headache... almost like it's brain pressure. A week after that i realized how the dull headache would radiate from the base of my skull / top of my...

  • Posted by: joebarnett77
  • 5 Replies
  • May 31, 2009
  • 09:42 PM

I am a 15-year-old male, and am wondering if i should get tested for Celiac Disease. My sister and dad have it, and within the past four months I have been increasingly forgetful and depressed.

Posted In: Medical Stories
  • Posted by: Anonymous
  • 0 Replies
  • January 2, 2008
  • 02:09 AM

I am so much in pain, upper right abdominal. Dianogised with excessive acid. I can't stand this pain anymore especially after I eat something. But I need to eat since I need nutrition for my baby. Please help!!!

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    My blood had been clotting almost immediately and two days ago woke up with a limp and less feelings in my left foot and no pain

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    The first time I had this along with being non responsive for a short while. Came back to normal with shaking hands, blurred vision and flashing lights. Then it passed and I was fine. I went to bed because it was late and I was tired. I have had blood work, carotid artery tests, neurology...

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    I have had facial tingling - chin, lips, tongue, throat. Ear burning and feeling of crawling in ear. Mouth and throat burns. Itchy face - it feels as if had Novocaine and it is wearing off. I have been to neurologist and MRI is clear - of what not sure but no tumor. Some blood work has come...

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    I do encourage people to read this article as of know I feel that I have completely restore to myself, I do believe in miracles, this article changed my life for ever and I am writing this in hopes to aid everyone who suffers these symptoms,the page is www.nomorepanic.co.uk>Articles,have faith it...

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    Does not impede walking or function. Just a hot spot that feels like a spot of hot water spilled on my thigh.

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    Okay so its been a few weeks since iv had this pain on the right side of my head that feels like as if iv been wearing a really tight ponytail and then let my hair loose. But the thing is I haven't worn a ponytail. The pain is just there and its hard to brush my hair or lay my head down because of...

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